Who are we

A Saudi team with diverse experiences to reach real analytical and development results formulated with resonant words that resonate in the ears of the world.

Our Mission

At Bradford, we passionately strive to achieve an unbeatable result with innovative ideas for our customers through analytical marketing study and meticulous management by our team to make the project groundbreaking and outstanding. We aim to analyze the competitive situation to create a feature that makes your product exclusive, as well as develop modern plans and means to achieve it within a substantial period of time.

Our Vision

Our world is moving rapidly, and here .. we must keep up with the competitive market and the importance of excellence and creativity . Bradford was founded to be a family that draws power from the strength of its members in light of the competition sweeping the markets. I have equipped my team with young talents that match the requirements of the future; by creating a professional environment capable of innovation and excellence with strength and spirit of passion.

CEO – Bradford

Meet the Team

Tala Halabi

Analytical Studies Specialist

Saudi Arabia

Renad Alkhambashi

Marketing Manager

Saudi Arabia

Sara Gari

Director of Strategic Management

Saudi Arabia

Rakan Alayyaf

General Counsel

Saudi Arabia

Badr Alayyaf

Chief Executive Officer

Saudi Arabia